What Exactly is a Geotechnical Investigation?

Geotechnical investigations study the physical and chemical properties of soil and rock to identify potential construction problems and evaluate distress to earthworks and structures caused by weakness or failure of subsurface materials. These investigations are essential for architects and structural engineers to recommend design criteria for the construction and design approach for new and existing projects.


  • Soil, rock and groundwater investigations
  • Foundation design and inspection.
  • Calculation of load-bearing capacity
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Excavation and backfill requirements
  • Slab on grade and frost protection
  • Underground drainage
  • Underground waters

What You Obtain

A detailed written report signed by a Certified Professional Engineer describing:
  • Borehole drilling, rock coring, test pit excavations
  • On site testing (in-situ)
  • Site geological conditions
  • Laboratory testing
  • Geotechnical considerations
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Site layout plan with borehole locations
  • Borehole reports
  • Laboratory reports


Our Turnaround Times

Appointment: 1-2 weeks notice
Final Report: 2-3 weeks

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