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A geotechnical study is an expert assessment used for new construction as well as for restoration work, while considering the soil’s various parameters. The latter (type of soil, rock depth, denseness, etc.) are described in a detailed and thorough report. They will later be useful to specialists involved in the construction project. This type of analysis is essential in adapting the building to the surrounding environnement.

Following the soil sample analysis, our engineers and other professionals will be able to make recommendations concerning the construction project, in compliance with the laws and regulations in effect. Some of the most common geotechnical assessments are the analysis of bearing capacity of the ground as well as the study of slope stability.

Assessments are approved by a qualified engineer. The steps of a geotechnical assessment are the following :

  • Drilling and soil sampling
  • Sample analysis in the laboratory
  • Engineer’s calculations, depending on acquired results
  • A complete report, including a detailed description of the geological characteristics as well as recommendations regarding the project.

For additional information, for price or delay verifications concerning a specific assessment, please contact our project managers by telephone.