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François Hamel, geologist



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The administrators of Sedexlab are committed to guarantee the most competitive prices on the market. Contact one of our professionals for more information.

Pricing structure

As specified in the CTQ-M200 protocol, one (1) probe must be executed for each concrete slab elevation. For example, one (1) probe is done in the basement section and a second one in the presence of a garage section. If a section has been added or renovated (backfill replacement) after the construction of the original building, a probe must be executed in that section as well. The area or surface of the concrete floor is also considered in the price rating. In fact, if the area exceeds 2000 square feet, a second probe must be done in order to confirm the uniformity of the backfill underneath the concrete floor.

Prices include: :

  • Visual survey of the property
  • Materials sampling
  • Laboratory analyses
  • Preliminary report (verbal and written)
  • Complete final report

Other services

Note that other assays are available (microscopic examinations of thin sections, chemical analyses, etc.) if considered pertinent by the professional, for the assessment of the residual swelling potential of the backfill material.


  • Obtaining a sampling date: One (1) day notice
  • Obtaining results: One (1) work day following the sampling day (verbal and written preliminary)
  • Obtaining the final report: 2 work days after sampling day

Highly qualified geologists and engineers are always available in providing clear information concerning our surveys.

The work processes used in the surveys are done without any intermediaries and in compliance with the existing residential building survey protocol (CTQ-M200) developed by the Comité technique québécois d’étude des problèmes de gonflement associés à la pyrite (Québec technical comity for the study of pyrite associated swelling problems).